Booking & Cancellation Policy

Students have 7 days before the start of class to book class. Students can cancel class up to 30 minutes before the start of class. If you need to cancel within that 30 minute window you MUST call 302-696-2288 to cancel. Please do not email, message or text if you are going to miss class (unless there is an Emergency). If you do not cancel your booking or call the studio to cancel, you will be invoiced $5 for missing the class and taking another students space. 9 Spaces Available. Waitlist Available! If class is fully booked you can now add yourself to the waitlist. If a space becomes available, and you have the Shakti Wix App downloaded on your phone, you will receive a notification that a space is available and you will have 30 minutes to claim your space. Must have the Shakti Wix App to receive notifications. 
Live Zoom Classes Are Available 5 Days A Week For Students Who Are Not Able To Attend Live Studio Classes. 

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