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Ohmfest Frequestly Asked Questions

Where is ohmfest?

Akridge Scout reservation, Dover, DE 

Is ohmfest family Friendly?

Yes! Ohmfest is family friendly. there will be an entire kids zone area just for the little ones. kids must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Dogs are also welcome.

Can I bring my dog to Ohmfest?

Yes, LEASHED dogs with dog tags are permitted at ohmfest.

Is ohmfest the whole weekend?

YES! Ohmfest begins Friday at 5PM & ends Sunday at 2PM

Do I Need To Bring MY Own Yoga Mat?

Yes. Please Bring a Yoga Mat and Any Other Items You May need for yoga or the festival.

If you are camping there is a detailed camping list on our website.

Will there be water refill stations at ohmfest?

Yes, there are water refill stations at ohmfest, one near the indoor bathrooms and one by the General Admission Parking.

There will also be complimentary hot water and coffee.

can we camp with our cars?

No, camping is separate for car parking.

The walk from parking to camping is not a far walk. Bring a wagon for easy transportation. 

You are permitted to drive up to your camp site and unload BUT your vehicle must be parked in a designated area. 

Are We Allowed To Have Fires At Our Campsite?

Yes, you are permitted to have a SUPERVISED fire at your camp site. You are permitted to bring outside wood for your fire, please do not leave any wood behind.

can we re-enter ohmfest..

Yes, you can re-enter ohmfest. You will be required to show your ticket

and ID every re-ntry.  

I can not attend Ohmfest, are my tickets refundable.

No, Ohmfest tickets are non refundable.

Will tickets for OMFest in Dover Delaware be available at the site the day of the event?

Yes. Tickets for Ohmfest will be available on site at Ohmfest.

You will be able to pay with Credit Card or Check, no cash payments at the front gate.

You will be able to pay cash inside the festival, just not at the front gate. 

Will there be an ATM on site? 

NO- There will not be an ATM on site.

Do Vendor Spots Come with chairs, tables & Electric?

No, Vendor Spots do NOT come with chairs, tables or electric. vendors should bring all supplies  needed to vend for one day.

When will the vendor applications close?

Ohmfest will accept vendor applications until 9/30/2022.

is it required to have liability insurance to attend ohmfest As a vendor?

This depends on the type of vendor you are. If you are a merchandise or art vendor, you are not required to have insurance. If you are a food or beverage vendor, you are required to have insurance , servsafe certification and business License for city & State. contact the state with any questions, VENDORS DO NOT HAVE TO OBTAIN A PERMIT FOR OHMFEST.

Are vendor spaces first come first serve?

No, Vendor spaces will be predetermined. If you have a special request, please contact ruby at

If I apply as a vendor, but I do not get accepted, will my vendor fee be refunded?

Vendor Fees Are Non-Refundable.

In the vendor acceptance email it informed me that I have a 15X15 sq ft space allotted to me to sell my goods and services. Does this space include camping overnight or is there a separate camping area? Are there any facilities on site? 

Your camping space is directly behind your vending space and your parking space is directly across from your vending space.

As a vendor, will i be able to drive to my vendor spot to unload my vehicle?

Yes, you will be allowed to drive your vehicle to your vendor spot to unload BUT you will not be permitted to drive to your space to pack up. Bring a wagon to help load/unload.

Furthermore, is there a separate policy or application for selling food and beverages? If so where can I find that? 

Yes, craft/art vendors are not permitted to sell food, drinks or alcohol. You must fill out a food vendor application at - you must be licensed, and insured to serve food at ohmfest.. 

If you have any questions, send us an email.


Ohmfest is an outdoor, rain or shine event. Please come prepared.

What should you bring?

*Your Festival Ticket & Your Friends!

*Tent-practice putting your tent up and breaking your tent down before the event; be sure you have everything you need, including the rainfly, footprint, stakes and repair pieces. *Tarp for under your tent or over in case of rain. *Sleeping Bag/Blankets/Pillows/AirMattress/Bed Sheets *Mallet/Tent Hammer/Duct Tape* Tent Shoes *Dustpan For Tent *Canopy-10x10 Maximum Canopy  *Half Tent  *Folding Table

*Water Back Pack/Water Vessel/Bottles of Water *Folding Camp Chairs/Portable *Cooler *Fire Wood

*Food - there will be a food truck on site but bring extra if you like to eat/protein bars/sandwiches/pre-cooked bacon *Battery/Solar Operated Phone Charger *Flag/Sheet/Tapestry To Mark Your Camping Spot *Camping Light/Lantern *Paper Plates/Utensils *Trash Bags/Recycle Bags *Waterproof Dry Bag *Poncho *Hand Sanitizer *Sunscreen/Lotion *Bug Spray *Dry Shampoo/Brush/Comb *Sanitary Items *Makeup Cleaner/Wipes *BABY WIPES! You're welcome *Campsite Games-Beer Pong, Cards, Ect. *Drinks with electrolytes: Body Armor, Gatorade, E-Mergence Packets *Hand Sanitizer *First Aid Kit *Sunglasses *Toothbrush/Toothpaste

*Deodorant/Deodorant wipes if you are worried about your deodorant melting *Yoga Mat *Yoga Clothes *Comfortable Clothing/Layers/Extra Socks/Extra Underwear *Comfortable Shoes-NO new shoes! *Rain Boots *Hat/Visor/Bandana *Costumes/Cool Pants/Fun Headgear *Medications

*Aspirin *Bag for dirty clothes *Bring Cash For Vendors-There will NOT be any ATM's. *Cell Phone


Let us know if you have any questions. 302-696-2288 or email

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