Ohmfest 2021
Delaware's Only Yoga & Music Festival
Aug 28, 10:00 AM EDT – Aug 29, 12:00 PM EDT
Dover, DE, USA
Can you make it?

Camping at Ohmfest? Here are some things to consider:

Ohmfest is an outdoor, rain or shine event. Please come prepared.

What should you bring?

*Your Festival Ticket & Your Friends!

*Tent-practice putting your tent up and breaking your tent down before the event; be sure you have everything you need, including the rainfly, footprint, stakes and repair pieces.

*Tarp for under your tent or over in case of rain.

*Sleeping Bag/Blankets/Pillows/Air Mattress/Bed Sheets

*Mallet/Tent Hammer/Duct Tape

*Tent Shoes

*Dustpan For Tent

*Canopy-10x10 Maximum Canopy

*Half Tent-pictured above

*Folding Table

*Water Back Pack/Water Vessel/Bottles of Water

*Folding Camp Chairs/Portable

*Cooler-Ohmfest is BYOB.

*Food - there will be a food truck on site but bring extra if you like to eat/protein bars/sandwhiches/pre-cooked bacon

*Battery/Solar Operated Phone Charger

*Flag/Sheet/Tapestry To Mark Your Camping Spot

*Camping Light/Lantern

*Paper Plates/Utensils

*Trash Bags/Recycle Bags

*Water Proff Dry Bag


*Hand Sanitizer



*Dry Shampoo/Brush/Comb

*Sanitary Items

*Make-Up Cleaner/Wipes

*BABY WIPES! You're welcome

*Camp Site Games-Beer Pong, Cards, Ect.

*Drinks with electrolytes: BodyArmour, Gatorade, E-Mergence Packets

*Hand Sanitizer

*First Aid Kit



*Deoderant/Deoderant wipes if you are worried about your deodorant melting

*Yoga Mat

*Yoga Clothes

*Comfortable Clothing/Layers/Extra Socks/Extra Underwear

*Comfortable Shoes-NO new shoes!

*Rain Boots


*Costumes/Cool Pants/Fun Headgear



*Bag for dirty clothes

*Bring Cash For Vendors-There will NOT be any ATM's.

*Cell Phone


Ohmfest is an outdoor event, located in Dover DE on a 2 Acre Private Residence. The area is wooded and will provide lots of coverage from the sun. There will also be two tents in the case of rain. There will not be access to any indoor areas, please come prepared. There will be two Portable Bathrooms, one hand washing station, a water refill station and multiple hand sanitizing areas. No fires at your camp site, but there will be a community bon fire.


Let us know if you have any questions. 302-696-2288 or email Frontdesk@shaktiyogallc.com


Please be mindful of other peoples space. Give other festival goers 6 feet. Wear a mask if you are not vaccinated. Practice safe sanitation. Drink lots of water. Take Vitamin D, C, & E. Zinc. Get in the sun! <3 

Vendor Information

Ohmfest Music and Yoga Festival is August 28th, 10am- 3am, Rain Or Shine. If there is some freak occurrence on Saturday the 28th, Sunday the 29th is the 'rain date'. All vendors must arrive at 8am and be set up by 9:30am. Vendors must vend until at least 8pm. You will NOT be able to park your vehicle at your vending site- IF YOU ARRIVE ON TIME you be able to drive to, or close to your vendor spot, unload, set up and then park your car in vending parking . IF YOU ARRIVE LATE you will have to park your car and carry all your merchandise to your spot. Vendors are able to camp at their vending spot. Please arrive on time; early is always encouraged :) Camping is included for all vendors. You are not obligated to camp. You are obligated to stay on festival grounds until you pack up and leave; vehicles will not be permitted to exit & re-enter the festival. Bring plenty of water and snacks. Food vendors and bathrooms on site. Vendors will not have access to electric, there will be plenty of light when the sun goes down. Vendors must bring their own tent, canopy, tables, chairs and camping supplies. All vendors will have a 10X10 space. Please throw away all landfill at designated drop off areas, this event is being held at a private residential location and we need to make sure we leave it BETTER then we found it. Please do your part to keep your vendor area clean and welcoming. Thank you for participating in Ohmfest 2021. We are so excited for August 28th! Please email frontdesk@shaktiyogallc.com with any questions. 


Ruby Zulkowski & Johnathan Plummer