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Shakti Yoga Liability waiver

Are you physically able to practice yoga?

Shakti Yoga LLC Waiver
Shakti Yoga LLC Liability Waiver

Edited: 10/1/2022

I understand the possible risk of injury that may be caused by yoga practice. I
understand that any physical activity carries with it an inherent risk of injury or
possible death. I understand & fully acknowledge the inherent risk, chance of illness
and possible death associated with returning to yoga practice after the Coronavirus. I
affirm and agree that I Do Not Have COVID-19, Symptoms of COVID-19 or any relation
to any who was diagnosed with COVID-19. I affirm and agree that if I was diagnosed
Positive for COVID-19, I have since tested Negative for COVID-19 & I have quarantined
for the proper amount of time.  Furthermore, I acknowledge the inherent risk of contracting ANY virus, illness, disease as a result of public reopening, not in relation to the practice of yoga or reopening of Shakti Yoga LLC. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks associated with Shakti Yoga LLC, 1030 Forrest Ave, Suite 100, Dover, DE 19904. I
voluntarily release liability and hold harmless Ruby Zulkowski (owner), her
contractors (instructors and guest teachers), her assets (business and personal), with
respect to any illness, injury, disability, or death that may arise during or after yoga

I have made the owner and/or instructor aware of any previous or current physical
limitation, injury, or illness I have. I agree that this release is intended to be as broad
and inclusive as permitted by applicable law. I have read the release of liability and
assumption of risk agreement and I fully understand the terms. I hereby confirm that I
am aware and agree to all terms and conditions included in this document.

Thanks for submitting your liability form. You Are All Set!

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